Grigsby Turned 1!

I cannot believe Grigsby is already one!!! Holy moly, where did the time go? Seems like we were just taking Monica's maternity and Grigsby's newborn portraits! Josh and Monica brought over some of Josh's things from when he was little to incorporate into the shoot. The goose is quite fitting, since Josh is the President of the Currituck County Chamber of Commerce.


Grigsby had a big ol' puppy cupcake! After he smashed into it, he kinda looked like a puppy himself! Those sweet little dirty toes were too cute not to get a picture of! Mons says Grigsby has his daddy's feet, I'm betting Grigsby's are way more adorable!!


He loved the old blue bottle. This is from the collection of vintage bottles at Sanctuary Vineyards that my dad collects in New Bern. He was so proud that one was from 1866!


Here is Grigsby getting pulled by his two doggies, Franklin and Winston.


Happy Birthday Mr. Grigbsy!!!