Ian hearts Shannon | Outer Banks Engagement

We have been super excited to shoot Ian and Shannon's engagement! The couple is from Boston, and Shannon is an opera singer, Ian is a pianist and a orchestra conductor! This immediately sent our brainstorming gears into serious motion! Shannon emailed fun pictures the couple had taken in toy stores, playgrounds and reassured us they were up for anything!

*Watch out folks, nothing excites us more than to hear that!!!

We warmed up a bit in the vineyards of Sanctuary Vineyards. Shannon had the best floaty fun skirt.


We moved on to the 1860 piano we bought on craigslist and put in a wheat field. (Yeah, we did that.... just Brooke and I -more on that on a later post!)

Ian went straight to the keys and played a crazy complicated tune! He informed us that even with the age of the piano, the ride from Portsmouth, tossing into a field and being rained on- that it was in relatively good tune!


Preforming in Opera's, the couple had a collection of formal wear. Ian owns his own tux, but makes it a little more fun by adding Lego Ninjago cuff links. My 8 year old son would be so jealous of them!


These two play and are super fun, but they sure can steam it up when needed!!


Once we got them all loose, we brought them to the swing we made. That's right..Brooke and I went to Ace Hardware, made a swing, and hung it off a bridge!

The creek was so pretty with the sun setting, making everything into a palette of pastel colors!



The sunset was gorgeous over the vineyard on our way back to the farm!


Thank you Shannon and Ian for believing in our ideas and trusting our vision! I can't wait to shoot your wedding in August!!!