Meet Ashley

We are super excited to introduce you to our newest photographer who will be second shooting with us this summer! She is a wonderous wifey, "Callie's mama," and a quackin' good mom to her 5 ducks. She's a master gardener (even has a field of Poppy flowers!), designer and a phenomenal writer!

Meet Ashley.

"I went to school for the Fishes but they weren't biting so I went back to learn to design them some scales and maybe a reef that offers them the comfort and joy of a home. I grew a few scales of my own in the process and have been swimming my way into an amazing school of friends that encourage me to ride the tides. Recently, I postponed my dream of selling reefs to capturing the beauty of their inhabitants. My world is my reef, filled with flips, waves, fun and frolics. So if you want to swim with the fishes...just and splish splash in the surf... I'll help capture your moments in the sun...May the beach be your runway, the grass your podium and sunlight your inspiration to shine..."


Here are a few images from Amber + Steve's engagement session at Sanctuary Vineyards. Candace and I set the bed up earlier in the day and Ashley styled it with the blankets, pillows and flowers- our own little sanctuary!