Sean hearts Sam | Corolla Beach Wedding

Sean and Sam are such a fun couple! Sam is 31 weeks pregnant, and it's quite obvious, so they had a 'shot gun' themed wedding to poke fun! The couple had shot gun gun printed napkins, cake, and an actual shot gun!!! Sean had .22 bullet cufflinks, and Sam had a gun necklace.

Their ceremony was quite different than we're used to. They officiated their own ceremony! I overheard guests later telling the couple how refreshing and enlightening the ceremony was -to see two people who love each other so much articulate it for all to witness.


Sean had a few funny stories during the ceremony on how he knew Sam was "the one". The last one was very animated and used the ribbon as a prop to fully demonstrate Sam's actions!

When it came to the 'I Do' part of the ceremony, the couple asked their friends and family to point and yell, "Do you?". They took turns answering with their "I Do's".


First dance was to Taylor Swift's "Love Story". The couple thought the line 'this love is difficult, but it's real' was a bit comical. It was their first dance as a married couple, but would be more accurately called a 'performance'.


Sean and Sam had key lime pie on their first date, so that's what they cut and served each other...smashed...and completely licked off each other's face!


Their friends and family had a blast on the dance floor! Especially to anything Madonna, Michael Jackson or Prince! One couple even brought out their dog! The two dads wearing their babies dancing just cracked me up!



We brought along our Silly Goose Photo Booth and had a blast with all the guests and their friends and families goofing around.

Love the photo of Sam and Sean with the dry-erase board stating - "oops! We're pregnant!"


We had so much fun with this couple! It was neat being able to document a different love story here in the middle of wedding season!

Best wished to Sam and Sean and soon, baby Finn.