I finally got the tattoo I've been thinking of for the past 8 months! I wanted to get 'inspire' written on my wrist in white ink and super girly script. I picked white ink so that it wouldn't be visible to anyone but me, as a kick in the fanny when I need it! It's positioned so that I'll be able to read it while I am painting or photographing.

A high school artist friend owns a shop, The Wolf's Den, and I had been talking to him about my idea to see if it was even possible.

Here is my buddy Clint doing his thing!


I went with my mother-in-law, Rhonda. She had been wanting to get a tattoo for years to honor her son Dustin who passed away in 2001. She was nervous because this was her first tattoo, so we made appointments and went together!


She had a cell phone picture of what she wanted, he drew it on her ankle right there, picked a font for the name- and Voila! She now has a tattoo!