Blair hearts Patty | Grand Ritz Palm

The Grand Ritz Palm in Duck, NC is just gorgeous! I was so excited to hear that's where Patty and Blair were having their wedding! I started with details while I was waiting for the 'getting ready' to get ready. Patti is such a little fashionista! She had her own dress mannequin, and named her Jezabel!


Patty, being from Charlotte, brought her hairstylist from home but all her bridesmaids did their own phenomenal make-up! They had fancy brushes and tools I'd never seen before!


The boys had to watch...and watch....and repeat Youtube videos on how to tie a bow tie. I always think I'm going to teach myself how to do this task one day, to help out the bridal party- but then I'm taking away all the fun of it!


The weather was perfect! Not a cloud in the sky, breezy and warm. The ceremony was on the soundfront beach. When we first arrived the sand was HOT! But it had cooled down considerably for their 5pm ceremony time. I love late afternoon ceremonies, you get that delicious golden light.

Blair looks like he's kissing a pretty Patti mermaid!


Patti had another dress she changed into after the ceremony. The super sexy slit was perfect for showing off those sassy gold Louboutin heels! Gush!

Patty gets her style sense from her parents! They changed their outfits four times during the wedding and reception!


The couple had a cupcake stack and cake as tall as Patty! They cut the top layer and Patty quickly smashed some into Blair's face! Sneaky!!

Red Sky Café catered the reception. They had a water bar with flavored waters, as well as a real bar with fancy flavored Absout Vodka's Patti had collected! I'm a big fan of their mashed potato bar too!


Once it got dark, it turned into a pool party! I think it started by one groomsman being dared to jump in wearing his tuxedo. It then snowballed into the entire reception! Some guest were staying at the Grand Ritz, so they went to change into their swim suits, but it didn't stop the ones without a suit!


Thanks for letting us come and play with you guys on your special day!!!!