Derrick hearts Amanda | Wilmington

Derrick and Amanda live in Wilmington, NC and for the past two years they have had a long term relationship while Derrick was in medical school in St. Maarten. Planning a wedding hasn't been easy, with his exams and the distance, but they decided to keep it small and sweet, inviting only very close family. This letter and handkerchief was brought down from Ohio from Amanda's mom. The handkerchief was her great-grandma's and the letter was something her mom had written to her grandma as a kid!


Amanda got ready at the Verandas. A sweet little bed and breakfast on a Victorian style tree-lined street near downtown.


The couple was nervous and knew Derrick was a crier, so they wanted to have a private first look before seeing their guests. (Well, I was there and I've facebooked and blogged it!)



Amanda and Derrick were married in the beautiful lush green Fragrance Gardens at Greenfield Park. Fountains, a gazebo and lots of Spanish moss on everything!


Amanda's daughter Kirra pulled out a chair, hopped up and read a speech for Derrick and Amanda! This mostly brought on a bunch of giggles from family, but Kirra did great!


Congrats fammy!