Farm Life

Poppy loves animals. All animals but especially small ones, the smaller the better. She is so gentle with them, cupping her hands around them so they don't get squished, picking up spiders to move them outside... the same holds true for her chickens. She recently got a new chicken that she got to pick out herself. She carries her around with her everywhere she goes. She has found the best way to take the bird so she doesn't scratch her is to let her lay on her fairy wings. This day we were out for a walk and ended up at the tree swing, which Pops adores. She swang to the moon and back every night of her life until she was 6 months old when she was moved to her crib and not much has changed. If she could swing all day every day she would!

Bubba and Uncle Jerry were also burning the fields so we went to watch. It was so pretty but a little scary watching all the flames encapsulate the field but it didn't last long. As soon as they were lit they were gone.





Bubba is such a softy even though he doesn't like to show it, he adores his Poppy and all the chickens are his friends. I love the contrast of him in his farming attire and dirty fingernails holding the chicken with Poppy in her brightly colored outfit. We're thankful everyday that we're able to raise Poppy on the family farm and that we all have this gorgeous land to roam.