Corolla Family Portraits

Every summer the weather is wacky, I shouldn't be surprised. This week last year we were dodging lightening and then the sun would be out shining like the lightening never happened! I was in Duck on my way to their home and it was raining so far I couldn't see ahead of me, I pulled off and called them and they said it was sunny. Hmmm... I thought, possible, very possible. We are going to make this shoot happen! I called my hubby who tells me the weather, which I never check as I assume it will always change by the time the thing I plan for is happening, he said, "It's spotty, head on up!" As soon as I passed Sanderling the clouds had parted and the sun was starting to come out.

I arrived and they were ready to go! The kiddos were so cooperative and fun! We had the whole shoot finished in 10 minutes and there was lightening in the distance but when it never arrived we ran around for another half hour just playing.

Many thanks for being so positive and flexible! And happy 50th anniversary to the fabulous grandparents!! 50 years and more in love than they were when they first met!