ISR Underwater Photography

It is such a treat to work with Christen Buchert and all the amazing children she teaches to swim. Not only do they learn how to swim but they are gaining so much self confidence and independence. Poppy began ISR when she was 8 months old and has always been able to roll over and float after her first session with Christen but since she has been going each year, she LOVES the water! All she wants to do is jump in the pool and swim from one side to the other and back again.Everyone of her students amaze me. Reagan rode the bike from the shallow end all the way to the deep end of the pool without coming up for air, stopped at the bottom and turned and smiled at me, meanwhile I had to come up for air and go back down! They are little fish!! Many thanks to all the parents who let me photograph their kiddos and for participating and being super silly at times!