Poppy Got Swanked!

The first haircut Poppy got at Salon Swank was just a trim and an introduction into the swanky lifestyle!We took her back and Olivia gave her the cutest little layered bob, I was sooo nervous cutting off those gorgeous blonde curls but they were so hard to take care of, I found something new in her hair everyday! This is super toot and way easy to take care of! This morning Poppy woke up and she had forgotten about her haircut so when I started brushing it she started screaming, I got one brush stroke in and she said, "Oh. Mommy. I love my new hair. That didn't hurt." How sweet was that!! Not only did Pops get a toot "do" but they got in the most adorable line of kid/baby clothes that are so affordable! Sweet ruffles, chevron prints, leg warmers! I couldn't resist. We were headed to the pool after her hair cut but had to stop for a quick photo shoot on the beach instead! Thank you Olivia and all the girls at Salon Swank for being so great with kiddos and making everyone feel super welcome! And of course for having us leave feeling quite sassy!