Chris hearts Danielle | Duck, NC Wedding

Danielle and Christopher were married in Duck, NC at a cottage overlooking the ocean. The ceremony was on the lawn, and the wonderful Rev. Tanya Young officiated.I'm in love with September through November Outer Banks weddings! The air is so cool and crisp and humidity is tolerable! No worries about sweating through hair and make-up! The couple had the best weather forecast for their big day. Bad weather was something of a worry in our earlier conversations, hurricanes or rain, but they had a full week of temps in the mid 70's and gorgeous sunshine!



Chris's mom made all the adorable decorations for the wedding! She is so very talented, I tried talking her into a new profession as a wedding designer! Danielle loves homemade things and is a big fan of Etsy, so she'd send her soon-to-be mother-in-law ideas and VIOLA! momma would whip it right up!



I love this picture here of Danielle's hands holding her vows. The couple each shared their own hand written vows, and there was many tissues being passed around! This is a stand in ring for Christopher. His real wedding ring is being made out of METEORITES!!!! Yes, that's right, rocks from outer cool is that?!! Danielle confessed they're both 'science nerds' and she found his ring from a maker on Etsy.


We had a few minutes of private time on the beach, we frolicked a bit and the couple were able to enjoy their first moments alone as husband and wife (I was there, of course!). It was so sweet, but the tide was coming up fast, and their guests were waiting!


Congrats love bugs!!! We wish you many, many years of happiness!

xxo C

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