Hunter Stuart | Currituck Crabber

Hunter Stuart, of I Got Your Crabs in Kitty Hawk, NC, has had his own business crabbing since he was 12 years old. Pretty incredible! He knows the sound, tides, season and everything about the Currituck Sound like the back of his hand.I have been looking forward to documenting Hunter crabbing for quite some time now, the day we were scheduled for had 30mph winds and it was quite chilly. I spent the majority of the day before trying to plan what to wear, what equipment to take and how to protect it. I was excited for big waves and a wet ride but incredibly nervous. I know that they go out in all types of weather all year long but until I was faced with being out there with them, I didn't really understand what it meant and what conditions they face on a daily basis so we can eat the delectable crabs. I wrote him the morning of and he said it was best for me not to come that day as my equipment would have gotten soaked so we rescheduled for a couple of days later.


His trusty pups, Buck and Blue, go out with him each day.