Welcome to the World Baby Elise!

Photographing births is such an amazing experience but can be a logistical nightmare! Thankfully, sweet Elise came at the perfect time, and a few days early!As soon as I woke up at 630am I received a text, sent at 1130pm from her daddy saying that Sarah had been admitted to the hospital and he hoped I wasn't too tired to come.... "Yikes!" I thought, I bet she has already been born!! I immediately wrote back and asked for an update, he said to come on, she would be pushing soon! I was sooo excited and sooooo nervous! They were at Portsmouth Naval Hospital about 1.5 hours away with no traffic, however, it was morning rush hour trying to get through the tunnel! The adrenaline was rushing!! I arrived about 1 hour before she did, whew!! (The last birth I photographed I spent the night in the hospital waiting on sweet Grigsby ,so this was such a treat!) Sarah was a rock star, she pushed for less than an hour before little Elise, 6lbs 9oz made her way into the world. She had the tiniest little cry and the tightest grip as she held her daddy's hand. Sarah was so relaxed and polite the whole birth, saying please and thank you and, "Yes, Baby." You never would have known she was giving birth, a natural!



John gave her a bath, my favorite part of the birth experience! And they loved her cry as her little lips quiver the same way her moms do when she cries.



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