Baby Julian | Richmond Newborn

I was so excited to hear from Marielle and Paul about their new little edition! They were married last summer in Ocracoke.I met Julian on his first day home from the hospital in their home in Richmond, VA. He is just getting the hang of things, but he's learned pretty fast his momma is the place to be! The first few days of nursing are trying, and require a ton of patience, but it all goes by so quick. I was happy to capture these moments for them.


Julian has an awesome nursery full of gorgeous light and neat little things precious to his parents. They are both from Holland and Paul has his pilots license and flies private planes.



The weather was gorgeous on this November day! It was warm and sunny, perfect for Julian to explore the fall scenery!


Big sis Ava and older brother Sebastian had a blast playing in the leaves on the street. I've never seen piles so huge and the ground was still covered! Ava is standing in the pile and it comes to her belly button! She had the sweetest smile, with all those teeth missing!!!


Thanks for spending the afternoon with me!

Xoxox ~C

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