Good Bye Weezy Pie

How do you even begin to say goodbye to a friend who has been with you day in and day out for the last 8 years? We got Weezy when we were in such a different stage of our lives than we are now, she has grown and changed with our family and taught us so much about friendship, life and now death. obx_pet_photography_0011

This fine fella, Jay Peterson Bird, Pit bull Attorney at Law or Junk Yard Dog but mostly Jaybird was our first dog. We got him when men tried to break into our house when I was by myself. I went to the animal shelter the next day and he was the only dog not jumping at the gate or barking. He was gentle, sweet and loyal beyond words. He convinced John to let dogs sleep inside, which was huge, since he grew up with hunting dogs in kennels.

He lived for a year before he passed. He was our first dog as adults and he grabbed our hearts the day we got him. He picked up all my clothes from the floor and climbed in my bed and covered himself up with them.

That was the beginning of my complete love for dogs. We had one wonderful year with Jaybird. How short 365 days is.


The day after we had to put Jaybird down we drove to VA on July 4th for a family get together. I told John on the way up that we were going to get a dog, he said, you can't just say that and make it happen. Well, we got a newspaper (yes a paper! Not online!!) and we found Boxer puppies on Dragon Lane, she was the last one left, the runt of the litter. We saw her and said immediately, "We'll take her!"

Generally, we get our pets from shelters, but after falling head over heels for Jaybird and he only lived for a year (told us he was 2, turned out he was 8) I wanted a puppy. So that is what we came home with. The cutest little puppy who was full of love and life and who had a bladder the size of a pea. She got up 6-8 times per night to go pee, I would take her out and watch her go, she wasn't just out sniffing around or lolligagging. She'd come back in and go back to bed. That was preparation for parenthood!

The second day she was home, she got out and ran into the highway to eat roadkill. We yelled at her, screamed at her, tried and tried to teach her NOT to run into the road. We also fenced in our yard. We read book after book on how to train and raise her, how to potty train her and teach her to stay right with us. We finally decided a doggie door was the best way to go.

She was small and awkward, had the tootest walk, she sweetest face and the sassiest attitude!


Loved her button under her little lip, adorable.


We took her to the beach and learned that she LOVED the water and had the best time with soccer balls, she also liked to float on top of them. She was the inspiration for "Diving Doggies: A Celebration of Play Underwater."



Weezy was passive aggressive, she had this "look" and she would act like she was keeping her head low and that other dogs were growling at her, where in fact, she was the sassy one who would start the fussing.


When she was 4, we got her "sister," Biskers, who was also 4. She was found in a very bad home and came to us. Biskers was a a hot mess, sweet as can be with major separation anxiety. She was gentle, loving and dominated Weezy. It was hilarious as Weezy just wanted to be alone but she was submissive and played well with Biskers.


Biskers was something else. Not very ladylike.


Weezy taught her to adore the water, we couldn't keep her out of it!! She was on the cover of "Diving Doggies: A Celebration of Play Underwater."


John loved Weezy like nothing else.


She had a toothy grin that was my favorite.



8 years and 4 months after we brought Weezy home, we had to say goodbye.

When John was driving home from taking Poppy to school, he saw Weezy run out into the highway and get hit by a car. We've lost 2 other dogs, but it never, ever, ever gets easier. Time. Lots and lots of time heals.

Explaining death to Poppy was hard, she knows the word "die" but doesn't know how final it is. She asks each day when Weezy will be back. We hope telling her the truth will better prepare her for the rest of her life.

We are thankful for each day and second we had with Weezy Pie.