Happy 8th Birthday, Elena!

Elena is such a gem to work and play with!! She just turned 8 and her mom, Rebecca had the cutest idea for a shoot to celebrate her beautimus daughter! She brought lots of candy from their ice cream shop beside Corolla Pizza, a chandelier from a very old home in Corolla, a pom pom banner and one more made from doilies that said "Sweet Elena."We set up by our chicken coop at and then moved to a grassier area by the squirt grapes. She had the cutest outfits, the one with the ruffle legs and polka dots is from Salon Swank in Kitty Hawk. Laney Bean is so gentle and so very sweet, she was up for anything although I think her favorite was throwing the gum balls! Her mom coordinates a big food fight each year for the kids in their neighborhood and they have it down to a science as to which food comes first and last for the most sticking power! I would LOVE to see that, how fun!! Rebecca and all her fammy sammy are so genuinely thoughtful and sweet, they even brought us pizza from their shop in Corolla and brought Poppy a bag of art supplies!! I love their smiles and energy.