Keeping up with the Owens'

We've been busy around here! But it's slowing down some and I realized I needed new pictures of my sweet munchkins! Soy beans in the fall are my most favorite color! First, the are bright and full of rich jewel tones, then they dry up and bleach to a beautiful light brown that catches the light -so pretty!Days before Mr. Jerry cut them and burned the field, I happened to have a break in the weather and our family schedule.



Every year I let my kids come up with their costumes ideas and we try really hard to piece the outfits together ourselves from thrift stores. I love for them to have a vision and carry it through.

My daughter has never wanted to be a Disney Princess or ballerina- she's all gore! She went with Zombie and my son is a scary clown. I did all the make-up and applied the 'liquid scabs' to my sweet baby girl's face.

My husband is in the middle with a mask that we have to hide during the year. He loves to put that thing on and jump out of the shower or from behind a wall!


It should be noted that earlier that day for character dress up day at school, my daughter was 'Splat the cat' and my son 'Harry Potter'.

XXO ~ Candace