Baby Lucas | Day in the Life, Camden

Our "See Me Grow" packages are my favorites!! I love being able to document a couple's maternity portraits and then meet their newborn babies and watch them grow up!! Lucas has already changed so much and he's only 3 months old!He loves to lay on his tummy, is super strong and can hold his head up really well, adores his dog friends and laughs like crazy at his daddy! They had me over for a "good morning" session, where everyone is in the pjs, having coffee and going about their normal morning routine, snuggling by the window, having tummy time and then getting ready for his nap. I love the "realness" of this shoot - it's how everyday is and it's how they will remember it years from now. Now they have photos to put with their memories. Nothing staged, nothing planned, just a beautiful morning in the Robinson household.