Canvas & Cork

We had such a great time this past week at Canvas and Cork! It was a packed house at 22 artists, but a merry one! We painted a jolly ol' Santa, everyone brought delicious festive snacks, and enjoyed Sanctuary Vineyards wine. Sanctuary Vineyards has a 12 days of Christmas special going on too, so guests were able to pick up a few last minute stocking stuffers as well. We had three mother/daughter groups painting. One daughter brought her mom who had never painted before in her life, she had a blast and discovered she was an amazing artist!!



With such a big group, I spent a lot of time walking to everyone and checking on their progress. Big thanks to Brooke who came by to join in the fun for a bit!



One trick we have is to keep a blow dryer handy for quicker drying of the acrylic paints. Here is one of our favorite students looking sassy as she dries Santa's hat!






We had many fun groups and some solo painters. Everyone is so friendly and inviting. You'd think everyone knew each other for years!


Karen is such a fun bartender for all our events! Sometimes, (when the class isn't completely maxed out) she'll even show her artistic side and paint with us! Her grand-daughter is a budding artist and loves to see her paintings!



Thanks so much guys for coming and playing with us! We will make dates soon for 2014. See you next year!!!

Xoxoxo ~C