Salon Swank

It is such a treat to get to go visit the girls at Salon Swank! They are all so great with kiddos and Olivia makes Poppy feel like a princess - she even gives her colored lip gloss, Ooooh la la!! Poppy's haircut went from a few inches below her shoulders to right above her shoulders. We got home and I noticed one piece out of place and cut it, and of course I couldn't stop cutting and trying to fix my mistake. I was NOT going to call Olivia and admit what I had done.

That was until her hair was 2 inches shorter and I still hadn't fixed it. Time to fess up and have Olivia help! She fixed Poppy's hair and it's even cuter now than it was before, I love her short little bob cut! THANK YOU!!


I Got Your Crabs and Salon Swank had their holiday party at Sanctuary Vineyards last night. It was catered by Topside Catering and they even had a DJ. Wondersumly fun party!