NYC Ice Skating!

2 families, 1 minivan, 1 hotel room, NYC and tons of snow = one of the funnest trips of all time! We went during one of the coldest weekends they have had in years, it was snowing and so so so so so cold! We don't know how millions and millions live up north, you are braver and stronger than us!! Despite the weather, we had an amazing time and even avoided driving in the snow!

One of Poppy's favorite books is "Dream Big Little Pig." It's about a pig named Poppy who lives in NYC and finds her passion in ice skating in "New Pork City." Our Poppy has been asking to go ice skating since last winter and we figured there was no better time or place than where her favorite piggie pie went!


Dayne & Yaz did so so well skating! They were freezing their fannies off but having so much fun!


The last night we decided to get a cot at close to midnight for Yaz to sleep on. Poppy, Dayne and John were sleeping like babies. Me, Candace, Yaz and Randy were awake. They delivered the largest cot we have ever seen. We were expecting a single bed and in rolls something that barely fits in between the two double beds even when they are moved apart. It even came with a seat belt which was perfect since it laid sideways, the seat belt held Randy in place! We all had a hyper spurt and spend the next hour laughing our heads off - AND - none of the kids woke up!

We had phenomenal food, tons of laughter and as Candace's hubby, Randy, said, "our friendship kept us warm."