Josh hearts Turkey | Sanctuary Vineyards

I was so excited to photograph Turkey (Allie) and Josh's wedding this past weekend! I LOVE Allie! She is the sweetest, most caring and genuine person and also..... Brooke's little sister!!! (Which kind of makes us honorary sisters!) We love Josh too, they are a perfect match for each other and he has the sweetest family! His mom Diane helped so much with the wedding, from decorating and lacing up the dress to handing out hugs and sparklers at the end of the night. Turkey and Josh met in Corolla, NC years ago, so it was mega special for them to rent a house and get ready there. Josh had his hair curled a bit before the wedding and here is a picture of him trying not to look at Turk while she was being primped too!


Although the couple got ready in Corolla, the wedding took place at Sanctuary Vineyards in Currituck. Leaving the camera behind (for the most part) Brooke was the maid of honor, and little Poppy Day was the flower girl! Poppy loves being fancy, and Aunt Turkey is the best at helping with that!


Mavis also made an appearance, as a bridesmaid! We've been excited to see how this would pan out, and were ready for anything! Mavis had investigated an old patch of motor oil on the farm earlier this week, and ended up looking a bit like a zebra. A little bit of Gojo and some elbow grease did the trick!

Poppy had her basket filled with a variety of Dunkin' Donuts to toss out instead of flowers. Of course, Mavis did her own thing... as you can tell from the exasperated look on Poppy's face!


Turkey and Josh have the most well behaved black lab named Finnigan. Fin was a groomsman along side Josh's brother Stephen.


It had been raining the entire day, but we lucked out in getting the most beautiful spot of sunshine the Outer Banks has seen so far in 2014! It was however, extremely cold and windy! I had a few ideas I'd like to try out. I gave a few instructions, which weren't entirely clear and we ended up with a full Superman pose! No matter, it's perfect!


My favorite part of a wedding. The couple can enjoy their first and possibly only moments "alone".



I warned Turkey! I heard Josh telling a few buddies of his cake smash, but it happened anyway! She's a great sport and looks adorable even when pouting!


Top Side catered the reception, and DJ Raymond had everyone shakin it all night long! It was hard to get the guests off the dance floor and to the couple's exit!



Sanctuary Vineyards is a working winery. They clear out their work space and it's pretty much a blank canvas that can be transformed into any wedding style.


We had the perfect sparkler exit!!! Of course there are pictures of the bride and groom together exiting, but the couple had the long lasting sparklers and Turkey made a marvelous exit all by herself!


So excited for you Josh and Turkey Legg! We love you!!