Sifer is 2 Years Old!

It's so hard to believe sweet little Sifer is 2 years old already!! She is the most easy going and loving little lady. She's up for any adventure and always seems to be in a good mood! When she's tired, she'll fall asleep anywhere, no fuss.Until this shoot, I always thought Sifer looked just like her daddy, Hunter, now I see that Sifer has her mom's beautiful smile that lights up the whole room!

We are so lucky to have been able to document Olivia & Hunter's journey. Here is Olivia's beautimus belly, Sifey as a newborn, 1 month, 2 months , 8 months old and 1 Year old.

Because she's a February baby, many of our shoots are in the winter and the last two winters we've lucked out and had snow!!





We are so lucky to have the snow geese living in the fields behind our home, unfortunately, you can't predict when they will be here or out on another adventure. Thank goodness for our hubby's going to find them and sending them back to us!

Hunter is a crabber and hunting guide and owner of I Got Your Crabs and is very in touch with all things wildlife so the snow geese in the background are super suiting to their family.




And now this little bean is 2 years old, she makes my heart smile.