Beach Weddings

Wedding season is almost here, and living on the Outer Banks we shoot a lot of beach weddings and portraits. Keep in mind when deciding on a beach wedding ceremony that it is a public area. No matter how big or extravagant your wedding, it may not be completely private. A benefit of hiring a professional photographer to photograph your wedding is making your wedding memories seem like you and your party are the only ones attending. Unless, of course you actually want to photo bomb them! We're game!


During Spring and Fall, the beaches are more clear than say a 2pm ceremony on Memorial day weekend. Early morning ceremonies are nice for very small weddings or elopements, and five or six pm is ideal for most Summer beach ceremonies.

Another reason for picking a later ceremony time is the temperature. June-August is super hot and bright. Think about your guests as they sit in the sun waiting for the ceremony to start. If your wedding is formal, guest will be uncomfortable in the material of their evening wear and groomsmen will sweat right through their three piece suits. The bright mid-day sun will be reflecting heat and the rays of the sun. Guests will either be squinty or wearing their sunglasses.



Don't forget to check the tide charts. Depending on which beach you choose, the water at high tide can be very close to the dunes - not exactly scenic. On the northern beach, high tide might mean no place for vehicles to go other than through the wedding!

Although, we aim to make your wedding gallery include only your wedding party and guests, we will not miss a hilarious opportunity!

Come on summer!