Family Portraits at Weddings

We get asked quite often if we photograph typical family portraits at weddings. The answer is absolutely as long as you want them! In 13 years, we have had a 3 weddings where they did not want staged family portraits and in each of those instances they have come back after viewing their photos and said they regretted not having just a few family portraits.This is the perfect time to have the staged photos of you with each person who it's important you have a photo with. If we don't do these, while we try to capture you talking to each of your guests, you may not be alone during the night with each of the individual people you'd like a photo with or in a group talking with them. We ask for 1 hour for family, bridal party and photos of the bride and groom. Usually, these are done after the ceremony but they may also be done after a first look and before your ceremony so you may enjoy all of your cocktail hour. We will photograph the family first so they may head back to the cocktail hour and mingle with their friends and guests, then we'll photograph the bridal party staged and playing/having fun then they may head back and freshen up before their introductions and then tons of the bride and groom, of course, in any location they choose.

Some must haves are: 1. bride with mom 2. bride with dad 3. bride with siblings (individual and together) 4. bride with parents and siblings 5. bride with only parents 6. bride with grandparents 7. bride with parents, siblings and grandparents 8. groom with mom 9. groom with dad 10. groom with mom and dad 11. groom with siblings (individual and together) 12. groom with parents and siblings 13. groom with grandparents 14. groom with grandparents, parents and siblings 15. bride/groom with each set of parents 16. bride/groom with both sets of parents 17. bride/groom with each set of parents and siblings 18. bride/groom with both sets of parents and siblings 19. bride/groom with both sets of parents, siblings and all grandparents 20. bride with bridesmaids (individual and all together) 21. groom with groomsmen (individual and all together) 22. bride and groom with bridal party

and of course, we're happy to take any additional you would like as well! Sometimes the best way to photograph very extended family is to wait and do it at the reception instead of right after your ceremony but it's totally up to you!

While they aren't the most fun of your whole wedding day, they are 30 or so minutes where you get to spend time with your immediate family without the rest of your guests around. You get to snuggle with them, giggle and have fun while being in small groups.

We know it's stressful thinking of your guests waiting at your reception for you and you want to hurry and get them finished and have a drink, but your guests are wonderful! They are at the cocktail hour visiting with one another, enjoying a drink, the location and looking at all your beautiful decor!

While family photos aren't commonly pinned on Pinterest, they are the photos that go down in history, they are the ones we see of our grandparents and parents from their wedding days and often times the ones we hang on our walls at home.

While we love taking/showing/promoting photos like the one below, and the journalistic style is the most commonly sought after-


It will be this one that ends up on the grandparents wall as well as framed at their kid's homes.


So we take them both, all. We capture all your moments, even the quiet and calm family portraits because that is what is happening on your wedding day. Two families are becoming one. These are the first photos of your families united and it's important to have photos together.



We do love the ones where you're laughing and cutting up.


And the sweet moments where your mom is telling you how proud she is of you.


And the moments where your mom and sister are watching your first dance as husband and wife with happy tears running down their cheeks.


Weddings are made up of seconds, lots of them. A powerful photo of a mom and daughter remembering their father and husband can't be replaced. It is quickly changed by having them turn their head and look towards the camera. But the moment is remembered and not lost.


This family is having fun together and it's part of what makes them who they are.


A beautiful mother/daughter moment.


Mom's welcoming one another into each other's families.


Intimate family portrait of both sets of parent's with their children just married as well as a more traditional family portrait.


Love this sweet photo of the bride's grandma with her grandson.


Yes, we do photograph traditional family portraits and we are happy to take any requests. They don't take that long and they mean so much to both sides of the families.

One day we will all be gone and this is what the families we have created will remember us by. It's an honor to be trusted to document your families history.