Carolina to Africa | Travel with a 3 Year Old - Part 5

Carolina to South Africa | Part 5 - Stanford, Near Hermanus How We Enjoyed a Month in South Africa with Our 3 Year Old

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Feb. 17, 2014

John has been sick and stayed up late talking to his dad on the phone. Me and pops got up about 630 and tried to go to the pool but she changed her mind, so we went to the park and played and then went grocery shopping before coming back home for breakfast at 930 or so. John was up, we packed up and drove to the Mosaic Private Sanctuary in Stanford near Hermanus. We took the scenic coastal route and saw baboons while Pops was napping, we stopped and saw Penguins in Bettie’s Bay, on the road to Hermanus. These penguins were less touristy than the ones at Boulder Beach, less people and you could see more of them. It was also really foggy and incredibly rough. While we were in SA there was a boat that wrecked and spilled diesel fuel near the penguins and they had to move them.






We had lunch at Kliedman and then made our way to the hotel. It was in the middle of no where and so peaceful. We had to drive about 15 mins on a gravel road on a peninsula on the other side of a lake. It was gorgeous!! The apartment was huge, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living, dining, kitchen and massive pantry! We cooked all meals there ourselves and went to the Spookhause for internet and to kayack.


Poppy met the inn keeper’s daughter, Mila and played with her for 2 days.



The next morning we were going to go in the pontoon boat but it was chilly and overcast so we went to visit Hamilton Russell winery where Pops liked smelling the wines and sat by their lake and colored and then we went to Bouchard Finlayson where John threw Pops in the air in a flip on accident and Pops just rolled in the grass and played with the wine makers dog. When we got back to the hotel, Pops went to bed early and John made delicious fish, veggies and foccacia bread.



Feb. 18, 2014

Beautiful weather!! Me and Pops got up early and went kayacking and then we went on the pontoon boat and invited Mila to join us, Pops was such a ham and danced and was silly the whole ride!



Pops took a nap and when she woke we went to the cheese farm and drove out to see the De Kelders, Klipgat Caves, which we didn’t really get to see as the ocean was so high but we did hike over some rocks and peak in until I got scared we were going to get stuck inside as the water was coming up so high. Pops thought they were amazing!! We hiked back up, stopped at the grocery store and John cooked dinner.


She always seems to find piggie pies wherever she goes!