Happy First Birthday, Alice!

How does time past so fast? When you're in the thick of raising a baby, it seems like everyday is so long with no sleep and poopy diapers but when you look back on the whole year, it seems like a blink of an eye and all those sleepless nights are almost forgotten.Alice was born on St. Patty's Day. Frieda was only as the hospital 45 minutes before Alice made her arrival. It's a good thing she left home when she did as we live 45 minutes away! Although, knowing Frieda, she would have been just as happy to have Alice arrive at home. She has had 2 natural births with almost 10lb. babies. Pretty amazing. We love watching her grow up and seeing how Austin changes and reacts to his sister. He went from calling her Frankentoe when she was in utero to loving her so very much! Here they are when she was only a few days old, at 8 months, and now a year! This chair has been in their family for a long time, all the babies are photographed on their first birthday with the chair.


and here is Austin on his first birthday.