Outer Banks Maternity Portraits | Sanctuary Vineyards

We love these maternity portraits at Sanctuary Vineyards, Pops is quite the comedian! The Outer Banks is such an incredible place to grow up, there is the ocean, sound and tons and tons of land. It's been a blast raising Poppy on the farm! It's going to be even more fun to have two little ladies racing around the great wide open and playing in the mud in their frilly dresses!I can't believe our pregnancy is already halfway over! The second seems to go by so much quicker, maybe it's because you're busier with your first, work and life or maybe it's because you know more of what to expect and don't worry about every little thing. Either way, I hope that the years don't fly by as quickly as these 24 weeks have! I am finally feeling Peaches wiggle about, last night was the first time I really felt her and I let out an unexpected squeal, I thought John poked me in my belly. It was quite loud and then I realized Oh, that's little tiddley-wink getting comfy.

Poppy is super excited about Peaches arrival, I hope it stays that way! It's scary thinking of having a 4th person in the family, not knowing them and their personality and a little sad that we only have a few weeks left of the "three of us." But, it's super exciting thinking of having her and how everything will be the 4 of us and all the life adventures we have, Poppy will have a sibling to share them with and all of our hearts are growing so big!


Had to have a few photos by the trailer from Just Cupcakes before our portrait party!