Outer Banks Engagement Portraits | Sanderling Resort

This morning was exciting, invigorating and so inspiring! Engagement portraits on the beautiful Outer Banks at Sanderling Resort, what could be better??!!I absolutely adore my job, waking up, driving over the Currituck Sound right before the sunrises, everything is quiet, listening to NPR, going through Southern Shores and Duck without another car on the road, pulling into Sanderling Resort and seeing Zach and Alice's smiling faces and then being invited to capture their love, emotions and connection on the beach as the sun rises. The air was cool and crisp and the sun was bright and shining. It couldn't have been more perfect. Zach & Alice got married in November, they are both doctors, one in the Army and one in the Navy and they are stationed 4 hours away from each other, which according to them is close considering it could be countries away. They are so in love and enjoy every second together without taking any for granted, they look at one another and their hearts burst open. Zach booked this as a surprise for his new wifey, even without knowing about the shoot, she came prepared with the most adorable outfit!

We love shooting at Sanderling, there is everything you could want on the Outer Banks, beaches, the sound, sea grass, gazebos, docks... you name it. Everywhere and anytime of day is gorgeous!

I love how you can play with light and angles to get 2 completely different photos.








Playful, sweet, gentle and in love. Thank you for making my heart smile.