Underwater Baby Portraits | ISR | North Beach Sun

When we first started taking Poppy to The Swim Lady, Christen, we had no idea what a treat we were in for! We knew that yes, she taught babies how to swim, but when it's your own baby who can't even walk or talk but can float in a pool, you are in complete awe!! We were amazed that Christen taught her this life saving technique since living on the OBX, we are surrounded by water. Many thanks to North Beach Sun for letting other families know the importance of ISR.

Each year we have the pleasure of working with Christen to document the child's new skill. We photograph the child and families underwater swimming, rolling over or even riding a bike in the pool!

ISR starts as young as 6 months to learn to float and at 1 year old they can roll over, float and swim towards the side until they reach safety.

For more information, contact Christen Buchert: 252.202.2000 or theswimlady@gmail.com

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