Carolina to Africa | Part 6 Oudtshoorn

Carolina to South Africa | Part 6 - Oudtshoorn How We Enjoyed a Month in South Africa with Our 3 Year Old

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Feb. 19, 2014

Up and at them early and on the road by 8:45 to come to the Mooiplaas house near Oudsthoourn, Ostrich farm land! We stopped at Mossel Bay for lunch at a wharf then proceeded around Robinson Pass, scary mountain road up to the farm. When we arrived, they gave us a sweet wine made from Hannepoot Grapes from a vineyard near by. The sweet wines did wonderful in the desert climate!

Of course, Poppy wanted to swim as soon as we arrived, but surprisingly it was quite chilly that day and the pool was even colder! John being the good sport he is jumped in and lasted longer than Poppy did!


The most random stop so far. It’s in the desert high in the mountains and it’s chilly and dry. Upon arrival, we walked to the farm right up the road and an Ostrich performed a mating dance for John, leaned back on his haunches, wings out, neck going side to side, crazy. Scared John to pieces. Me and Pops wanted to get closer! We then walked to the farm and Pops played on the swing set and picked up Ostrich feathers. When we got back, they tried the pool, too cold and the Pops went to bed. They cook out a choice of Ostrich, lamb or chicken on the “braii” each night and the smoke came directly into our room. Smoked Pops out, I had a fit but opening the windows dispersed it. I still slept in Pops room as ours was still smokey all night. We had dinner on the porch outside our hotel room while Pops slept, I had a wacky veggie lasagna and John had Ostrich which he said it tasted like it could hold him down and have sex with him. Gamey.

Poppy learned to write really well on the trip, she had tons of time to write, color and draw with all the traveling!


Feb. 20, 2014

Today was action packed! We woke up to a wonderful meal on the veranda, lots of breads, jams, fruit, yogurt, Ostrich eggs and bacon. We drove out to the Cango Caves and were amazed by them and then went to a park to ride a camel and play at the playground and then off to a zoo to see tigers, lions, our guide feed an alligator and Poppy’s favorites, the merecats which she sang to. John got to see Lemurs which were his favorite. My favorite was watching both of them have fun! We got back and Pops swam in the pool and had quick dinner before bed at 6. John and I had dinner on the porch again while Pops slept in the room.




Feb. 22, 2014

We’re staying at Mooiplas and decided to have a slow day, breakfast, emails, reading, coloring and then we walked to the Ostrich farm about 930. Super fun! Pops got to hold a baby ostrich, she got to sit on one, we watched and Ostrich race and she bought Peaches a stuffed Ostrich who she is sooo excited to give it to, her name is Michelle.






We kicked the stones down the desert road playing “rocker” on our way home. When we got back from lunch and birding, John and Pops played in the cold pool. She did a twistaroonie and almost hit her head on the side of the pool and got in trouble, scared us so bad!! We read “Tea with Ruby” and “What makes Day and Night” and Pops took a nap. She told me I could come sleep in her room if ours was too smokey or there was too much racket. So sweet!! She is such a loving and gentle kid. So thankful she’s ours!! When she woke, Pops and John went swimming again, she likes to pretend to rescue him, he goes underwater and she drags him back to shore. We got out and got ready for dinner and John asked Poppy which shirt he should wear? She said, “ The blue one so you look really handsome for Mommy. But it’s our secret.” That was the top part of our day!! So thoughtful and sweet. We went to dinner in town, it had misters outside so you didn’t get too hot. We had to park on the street and local kids would “direct” traffic and you’d have to pay them to “watch your car” when you got back to it. This was our first time being out and driving at night, not as scary as I thought but still not great.

Feb. 23, 2014

We woke up this morning and Pops came and climbed in my bed, which she doesn’t do often. After showers she gave me a wet willy and scratched my ear, wouldn’t apologize and went to time out. It takes forever for her to say she’s sorry. Stubborn. After lots of fits and screaming she finally did. We had a great breakfast and started our drive to Kynsna, which was gorgeous!





We arrived at The Waterfront Lodgeand the room is wonderful, it opens to a porch overlooking a lagoon. Pops sleeps right next to us, we’re hoping not to wake her too much esp with my frequent trips to the bathroom! On our way here we stopped at a hippie shop area in Wilderness and had lunch and played at a park and shopped a bit. We got my sister, Turkey, who is due the same week we are with a little boy, some baby booties.