Outer Banks Bees | O.D.Bee

Outer Banks Bees | O.D.Bee

Top Bar hives with the Owens family


Outer Banks Bees.

We are sooo excited!  After a crazy idea (by me) and a whole year of studying (by Randy) we are finally BEEKEEPERS!  Outer Banks Bees. 

We have two top bar bee hives, which are different than the more popular kind, the boxy Langstroth hive.  The bees make their own comb in top bar, the sizes they choose, and when honey time comes, we'll harvest comb- wax and all!  This ensures a more sanitary hive and purer raw honey.

We're looking into having healthy organic bees, ensuring we'll never use antibiotics or chemicals in our hives.

This week when we checked on the girls, we we're looking for cap broods.  Making sure the queen is fully settled in and making her bee babies!   

Outer Banks Bees

Randy had cedar shavings in the smoker and it smelled so good! It helps calm the bees down for a full inspection.

Outer Banks Bees

The lady on the left is coming back home with full pollen baskets on her legs! That is my most favorite thing to watch when out by our hives. The zoom out to forage and come home brimming with pollen.

Outer Banks Bees 3

We're starting a Facebook page to chat about topbar hives and also to let you locals know when our Outer Banks local raw honey will be ready!  If you like to keep up with the Owens', head on over by using this link!



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