Outer Banks Pet Portraits | Dixie & Flossie at Sanctuary Vineyards

Outer Banks Pet Portraits | Dixie & Flossie at Sanctuary Vineyards

Celebrating their 10th and 6th Birthdays!

Outer Banks Pet Portraits

Bubbles is such a dear friend of mine. She took me under her wing when I was 16 and taught me how to wait tables which I proceeded to do for the next 8 years which funded me starting my business, she let me rent a room from her and taught me many, many things that I never really learned growing up.  Some of those I am just now putting into practice like putting a duvet cover on a comforter, properly washing dishes and that maybe dying slips and wearing them in public may not be such a great idea.

However, she did just make me a beautifully embroidered nightgown which I warned her would be worn out if public, and probably dyed a beautiful shade of purple.  If you are looking to something embroidered, she's your gal!  Bubble Butt Embroidery

I was super excited when she asked me to photograph her doggie babies for their birthdays, "Big Mama" Dixie Bug is 10, I remember when she first got her and her amazing Boston Terrier, Buster, before Dixie.  We also photographed Flossie who is a skinny little lady for her 6th birthday.  I love the little tutus she got for them to wear! Big Mama didn't mind a bit but Flossie wasn't having it! I love her kicking her legs to the sky to get the clothes off!



Outer Banks pet portraits

And here are the beautiful ladies riding in the Dixie BugMobile!  These ladies go in style!!

Outer Banks pet portraitsOuter Banks pet portraitsOuter Banks pet portraits