Outer Banks Wedding Vendors

Outer Banks Wedding Vendors

Fabulous Vendors for Cristina and Avi's Outer Banks Beach Wedding

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We have the honor of working with some incredibly talented wedding vendors here on the Outer Banks!  Here is Rev. Dave Keller congratulating Cristina after their ceremony. I love that his ceremonies are always different and tailored to the couple, they can range from religious to not or anything in between.  He always is on time and dressed appropriately.

There are some things to consider when planning and Outer Banks Beach wedding:

Look at tide charts

We suggest having your ceremony 2 hours before sunset for the best lighting on the beach

See if it will be a full moon, if so, the tide will be higher than usual

Make sure to have a back up plan in case it's raining or too windy

If you hire a wedding planner, they are great at helping with these considerations as they deal with them everyday!



Here is Ryan with Reel Love Weddings not only videoing Avi getting ready but helping out when necessary.  Benny Baldwin and his crew produce top notch videos and are so professional to work with.  We arrived 2 hours early to their wedding and Baldwin Video was already there, over 2 hours early.  While we don't go in and begin working then, we are there as to make sure we aren't late!


The ladies of Platinum Party Planning, where do I even begin?!  They do it ALL!  Mop the floor, powder feet, dry bouquets, iron table clothes, make sure beach goers don't walk behind the ceremony.... I have no idea what they charge but they are worth every penny and then triple that! Professional, courteous and they keep everything on time and if there is a glitch somewhere you will never know as they take care of it immediately!  Talk about no stress for the couple and their families!!


Yes, they lint roll everyone before photos to make sure they look the best!


They even decorate the couples room at the end of the reception!


Yes, she wears gloves when handling your china and silverware.  And if there are finger prints, she polishes them.


DJ Bruce - young, hip, fun and pays close attention to the crowd to make sure everyone is dancing and having the best time they can.  We adore working with Bruce!