Sanctuary Vineyards Family Portraits | Poppy Day

Sanctuary Vineyards Family Portraits | Poppy Day

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sanctuary vineyards family portraits

It's hard to believe our tiny tuna is 4, she's so grown yet still so little.  I love getting to know her more and more each day, seeing how the wonders of the world excite her and how there are still so many new things for her to learn and do, simple things that as adults we take for granite.  Today, she wanted to pick flowers, pull them apart and balance on tractors and help John weed his garden and see what potatoes look like when they come straight from the ground.  It wasn't quite ready to pick but it was lots of fun and such a learning experience for her.  Mavis follows her around and eats whatever she doesn't pick or eat herself.

We can't wait to meet little Peaches and see how life with two little ladies is!  We look forward to Pops showing her all that she knows and learning even more about the world from Peaches.  It was always scary thinking of having Poppy and another little human coming to live with us. I always thought, what if she doesn't like me or doesn't fit in with us or what if I don't love her.  After having Poppy, I know these are all crazy thoughts that you love babies more than you could ever imagine loving anyone and that the babies learn from you and their surroundings and your baby is perfect for you and your family and you grow together.  But I still get nervous about all the things I did before even though I know it's super silly.  We're ready for sweet Peaches to make her arrival and start all of our PBJ family adventures with her!

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