Virginia Beach Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | Cat & Jeff

Virginia Beach Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | Cat & Jeff

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Following



virginia beach vietnamese tea ceremony

This was the first Vietnamese Tea Ceremony I had attended or photographed.  It was beautiful, intimate and it centered on being grateful for your family, friends and honoring the people who came before you that helped make you who you are.  I think there should be one of these for all cultures!


Nicolas and Jenn from Major Tease Hair Design Studio did an amazing job on the ladies hair and makeup!

virginia beach vietnamese tea ceremony

The ceremony started with Jeff's family processing into the room with all of Cat's family, Cat had not entered yet.  Each one brought a gift  in a round red box for Cat and her family, some included wine, jewlery and a roast pig.

When they arrived, they were introduced to the bride's family and the groom presented his gifts to her family and was given permission to greet Cat, who was walked out by her mom.  The ceremony of permission from the bride's deceased ancestors began in front of the bride's ancestor altar.  Cat and Jeff stood in front of the altar and burned incense sticks asking Cat's family to bless their marriage and future family.  Afterward, the couple turned and bowed to their parents giving thanks for raising and protecting them.  The couple then bowed to each other.

A formal tea, candle ceremony and speeches followed.  Cat and Jeff served tea to their parent's aunts, uncles, godparents and received advice from each family member.  Afterwards, they lit unity candles symbolizing the joining of two families.  Jeff's mom opened the gifts of jewelery and put them on Cat and their fathers had a toast of wine.

Before Jeff came in, his father came in and asked Cat's father's permission to be at the ceremony and to have his son marry his daughter, so very sweet!



The incense, tea and beautiful gifts at the ancestor altar.


Following the Tea Ceremony, Cat and Jeff had their wedding ceremony at their Catholic Church.  She wore the most amazing gown and they only had their family in attendance.  The following day, Candace photographed their larger wedding ceremony and reception.

The kiddos were pooped but so well behaved and mesmerized by Cat's gorgeous dress!!


This cracks me up!


They shared a veil and a rope to symbolize unity during the ceremony that was put on by their sponsors.


It was a gorgeous day filled with love, tradition and thankfulness.  We are so honored to have been a part of it!  Congratulations lovebugs!!