Outer Banks Newborn Portraits | Baby Rolf

Outer Banks Newborn Portraits | Baby Rolfe

Brotherly Love

Outer Banks Newborn Portraits


It's hard to believe Rolfe is here!  We tried to make it to his birth but he was born on a Wednesday night and it was storming like crazy.  They live 30 mins closer to DePaul Birthing Center than we do which is still a little over an hour for them.  By the time they arrived, he was born in 11 minutes!  I spoke to Monica at 830pm and she said she was still pregnant, no sign of labor. At 930 we got a text they were off to the hospital.  He was born at 11 and in the sac!!  I am so bummed we missed such an amazing miracle!!!

His squishiness is to die for!!  I love his lips, they are just like his daddy's.  Grigsby adores him, he's so sweet and gentle with him too, not what I'd expect out of a 2 year old!

Outer Banks Newborn Portraits

I can't believe Peaches is going to be here in just a couple of months, 8 weeks until we get to have a squishy little newborn to snuggle and love on!!

Outer Banks Newborn Portraitste