Beach Portraits | Kill Devil Hills, NC

Beach Portraits | Kill Devil Hills, NC

The Bock Family


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The beach in Kill Devil Hills, NC last night was absolutely gorgeous, a slight breeze, and beautiful puffy clouds!  We couldn't have asked for more for our family beach portraits!  The kids ages ranged from 5-17 and they were all so easy going, cooperative and super fun! They didn't even mind getting in the ocean at the very end!   We always start with the more posed family groupings at the very beginning to make sure everyone is clean and happy and as the evening goes on we move into more running, fun, playful photos capturing everyone's personality.  We want to make sure you have plenty to choose from!!

The red went great with the dune grass and then when we went to the beach the plaid shirt really made everyone's blues pop.


beach portraits

I was so impressed with these teenagers, they were up for whatever!! I know I was not nearly as sweet and respectful at age 14!  They are absolutely beautiful kids inside and out, I can only hope Poppy and Peaches are half as respectful!! beach portraitsBeach Portraits