Bridal Boudoir | Outer Banks

Bridal Boudoir | Outer Banks

Pre wedding boudoir session for the groom

We love to shoot boudoir!  It's a great idea for a gift for your special someone or just to treat yourself!

Our bride is from out of town and was visiting to get some wedding things done.  Makes perfect sense after a hair and make-up trials to slap on some sexy lingerie!

bridal boudoir I love the look of the veil and nothing else!  Such a sweet and timeless look.  Almost looks like a painting!

bridal boudoir

And those sweet cheeks! She said her buns were flat..pssht! Boudoir gives one a chance to show off and be sexy!  It's a huge self-esteem boost too!

We aim to show the beauty in everything we shoot, and it's a great feeling to be able to show our clients how beautiful they are on the outside, because really-it feels good to feel hot!

We can't wait to hear what the soon-to-be hubby thinks of the photos!


Xx!  -C