Maternity Portraits | Currituck

Maternity Portraits | Currituck

It's Almost Time for Baby Peaches!

maternity portraits

We are sooo very lucky to have Candace take our family portraits, she has been amazing at documenting our growing family and businesses!  I love the cute videos she makes for BMP and Sanctuary Vineyards and all the little moment she captures of us.  Besides being a phenomenal photographer, painter and artist, she is such an incredible friend and inspiring mama.

For our maternity portraits, we headed over to Martin Vineyards on Knott's Island to the Peach Orchard to celebrate baby Peaches.  Poppy isn't sure about having a sister come but I'm sure once she sees her and knows that Peaches won't take her toys, she will love her immediately.  That is her main concern that Peaches will "sliber" on her toys but I try to tell her it will be no more than our boxer, Juicy, "slibers."

It's hard to believe it's only 2.5 weeks until Peaches is due - we are trying to savor every second of being a family of 3 and make every day super special as it will be such a change once we're a family of 4.  I know it will be better and even more wonderful but it's the change that is scary and not knowing what to expect.

We are super excited to be working with North Eastern OBGYN again, the midwives and doctors there have the lowest C Section rate in North Carolina or Virginia!!  They gave us such a wonderful birthing experience last time, I can only imagine how great it will be this time!  We only hope we can make it the 45 mins to the hospital in time!


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