OBX family beach portraits |Sanderling Resort

OBX family beach portraits |Sanderling Resort

Family Beach photos on the Outer Banks

OBX family beach portraits

I met this family vacationing from DC at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC.  The couple were married here four years ago and come back every year!  Now they can share with their little bean La La!  OBX family beach portraits. 

Since sweet Langley was too little to remember the beach last year, she's been having a blast exploring the resort this summer!  She's cautious of the ocean and calls it 'Bubbles'!  So cute!

She has the sweetest little curl in the back.  I couldn't resist getting a photo of her little rat tail!

OBX family beach portraits

There are cool games on the lawn of the Sanderling, just over the dunes. Those were La La's favorite! Once she got those balls in her hand, there was no getting rid of them!

OBX family beach portraits

Thanks for spending some of your precious vacation time with me!