Currituck Newborn Portraits | Peachy Pie

Currituck Newborn Portraits | Peachy Pie

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Currituck Newborn Portraits

We are so lucky to have Candace willing and ready to capture all of our family moments, this year has a been huge with Peaches arrival and Candace has been right there with creative ideas and sharing her time with us for all of it!  We would love to have shuggie in more photos but getting him away from the farm when we have a spare hour to go play has proven difficult.  Poppy was in a great mood this morning so we went out to play around the farm.

Pops is adjusting quite well to Peaches, she loves her to pieces but still says things like, "You spend more time with her than me" so we try to have little outings with just the two of us, a quick ice cream trip or walk and she seems happy as can be!


Currituck Newborn Portraitscurrituck_newborn_6