Family Beach Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Family Beach Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Alex & Crosby

 family beach portraits

It was the perfect evening for Outer Banks beach portraits, slightly overcast and not too hot.  We started on the beach and then headed over to the gazebo overlooking the Currituck Sound.  It's a beautimus romantic getaway that is never busy unless there is a wedding.

These two boys were visiting Sanderling Resort with their parents celebrating their mom's 40th birthday.  They had dinner at the Keeper's Loft along with a beautimus cake and noisemakers for the boys but before that I got to play with all of them.

Alex and Crosby were all boy, running, playing and having a ball and they were so very loving to one another!  Alex would snuggle Crosby and make sure he was ok and of course they would rough house and roll around in the sand.  They were the perfect subjects to photograph, fun and sweet!!

They even came to play with us the following day and took underwater photos in the Resort Pool, they were little fish!  Love these brothers!!


Family Beach Portraits