OBX Portraits | Life with a Beebster

OBX Portraits | Life with a Beebster


When we found out we were going to be having a baby in August, I was terrified as July and August are our busiest months of the year for Outer Banks beach portraits!  Poppy came in April which also wasn't convenient for work so we have already figured a lot out as far as me working while having a little one.  However, we were still hoping to have a winter baby but life happens and had other plans, which couldn't have turned out more perfect!

Peaches arrived 4 days before her due date on July 29th, thankfully, we only had to stay in the hospital one night and I had a wonderful delivery and everyone was healthy!  This was almost perfect as we only had to move one family portrait to later in the week! I scheduled a week off and was hoping she would come sometime within that week, she came 1 day before I took off!

I had my first beach portrait 6 days after she was born and shuggie came with me to watch Peaches while Mimi stayed with Poppy.  It was tough having to have 2 folks to watch each kiddo at once but I wasn't ready to give Peaches a bottle yet as I was afraid it would cause confusion for her, so John or Mimi came to all my shoots for the first 2 weeks. I could have brought Poppy but she goes to bed early and didn't want to keep her out until 9 or 10pm.  I pumped bottles for each of them in case she got super hungry and couldn't wait until I finished, however, it wasn't until I had a 2 hour shoot in Carova that Mimi tried the bottle... it was a huge success!! She drank 5 ounces!  Poppy never took a bottle, she would just scream until I got back to nurse her, so thankfully, Peaches has been much more willing to eat from me or the bottle.

Here are shuggie and Mimi hanging with Peachie Pie while I'm at my shoots.... not a bad job snuggling a newbie and sitting by the beach!

We're so thankful for the amazing family (and friends we consider family) we have and that everyone is willing to help to make our jobs as parents, a winemaker and photographer as easy as possible.  I couldn't imagine raising a family away from our parents and our super wondersum friends!



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