Newborn Portraits | Outer Banks

Newborn Portraits | Outer Banks

Peaches Dupree Wright | 5 Days Fresh

I can't believe 5 days ago today Candace was taking my maternity portraits underwater, I knew it was possible but I never ever guessed Peaches would arrive 4 days early!  Luckily, I hadn't scheduled shoots past Monday evening so I was able to finish those before having this 6lbs 4 oz bag of sugar.

It's so hard to remember all the details of Poppy being this young, but Peaches seems so laid back and easy going.  Maybe it's being the second kid?  I was so worried Pops would not want her, as that's what she said the entire pregnancy but now she is here, she adores her!  Snuggles her, asks about her, talks about her, draws her... it makes me cry to see her so in love with Peaches. She even says, "Mom, I love you, but I want to spend more time with Peaches than you." Which I think is the sweetest!!

I can't wait to see where life takes this little lady, we are looking forward to all the big adventures, daily grind and many many experiences that will make up each and every day with the PB&J family.

We love this blanket Candace got us from Carolina Keiki!!


newborn portraitsnewborn portraitsnewborn portraits

This was Peaches first time in the vineyard and playing on the farm, it's so much fun to have a newborn and EVERYTHING is a first!! Every bit of life is an adventure that they are experiencing for the very first time!

newborn portraits

And Bubba exercising our 150lb "micro mini" piggie pie, Mavis, as we shoot. She will run around the whole farm multiple times with our boxer, Juicy, happy as can be!