Outer Banks Birth Photography | Peaches Dupree

 Outer Banks Birth Photography | Peaches Dupree

Welcome to the World Sweet Bean!

Peaches Dupree Wright

How did we come up with the names Peaches? We were in the living room one night and John said, how about Peaches? I said no way, she will end up on a pole at Mermaids (strip club in Currituck.) He laughed and about a week later I told him I LOVED it!!

We wanted to stick with PB&J since Poppy is always asking for PBJ snuggles, and Peaches fit the bill!  Dupree was my dad’s grandma’s maiden name and Wright is of course your dad's last name.


The day before she was born I had started to go into labor, I had a shoot at 7am and one at 7pm and when I got home from the last one, I started having contractions about 7 minutes apart but they would subside if I stopped moving.  I called the hospital and they said to use my judgement, so we turned on the noise maker and went to bed, our last night as a family of 3.

Poppy had said that for Peaches birthday she wanted to make her a cake with worms and dirt, so we did that the day before she was born, wrapped it up and put it in the fridge in anticipation of her arrival.  We woke up the next morning and the contractions were still 7 minutes apart or longer if I didn't move but they were increasing in intensity.  Poppy woke up and put on her birthday outfit for Peaches and took out her cake as I told her Peaches would probably arrive sometime that day.  Mind you, Poppy also said she didn't want Peaches to come out and she wanted to bake a cake for her because Peaches couldn't have cake.  A little bit of sweet and sass, as always!

She fed Mavis before she went to school, several out of date Peaches,  then she went to her tower to keep an "eye out" for Peaches before John took her to school.



Around 11 Candace came over and we walked back to the creek with her kiddos and Juicy, our boxer who can’t swim.  He fell into the creek behind trees with lots of poison ivy and we had to call someone to get him out, thank you, Dan!

When we started the walk the contractions were 4 mins apart and when we ended they were 2 mins apart but they weren’t bad, I could walk and talk through them… Mimi and John picked us up on the back road and drove us home. I came in and got some more work done and we left about 1230 for the hospital.


I was hungry so we called in to go to Currituck BBQ. I had 2 bbq sandwiches with slaw and fried okra.  The contractions were getting more painful by the time we got to Elizabeth City.

We got to the hospital, they checked me and I was 7cm dilated at 2pm. They moved me to a big room and Peaches was born at 2:32 pm with Donna Waterman, the amazing midwife at Northeastern OBGYN.  We delivered at Albemarle Hospital, now Sentara, in Elizabeth City which has the least amount of C Sections in NC or VA! Congratulations!!!

Shuggie was a champ mushing on my back and Candace was such a big support while also capturing every single moment!




Mimi and Poppy came to visit and Peaches gave her a box of princess dress up clothes and Poppy gave Peaches her cake, which meant Poppy ate tons of the cake and gave some to visitors. She was in heaven with her outfits! She still kept saying, "I don't want Peaches to come out" in her winiest voice possible.  We missed having Mimi at the birth but was so thankful for all her help getting us to the hospital and taking care of Poppy!

A week later she admitted to me that she had to hold in her smile when she came to the hospital and saw Peaches, that she really loved her and wanted to hug her but she had been saying for so long she didn't want Peaches to come that she couldn't smile or act happy. I was so proud of her and thought that was such a grown up concept, now she adores her and wants to be with her all the time. We are incredibly lucky that she had a change of heart.




GG and my sister came to visit and Candace presented them with his homemade Peach Wine label.