Outer Banks Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Outer Banks Portraits | Sanderling Resort

Dryfoos Family

Outer Banks Portraits

These 4 are always so much fun! We got to photograph them last year and they had the sweetest outfits, hats, a little trike, balloons and bubbles.  This year, Candace photographed them at Sanderling Resort playing on the beach and in the ocean, the girls had a blast and of course, they had adorable outfits! We love it when kids get to be kids and we get to capture the amazement and wonder of their day!

They had a 7am session, which can be best for little tunas as they are just waking up and are super fresh and ready for the day!  You also get the pretty sparkles on the ocean as the sun rises!  The evening sessions we shoot at 7pm are gorgeous too, as the sun sets over the sound but you get soft, warm, even light on the beach and it's cooled off a little bit.  Either is beautiful, it's what works best for you and your family.



outer banks portraits

Love the tickle monster giggles, nothing like a good belly laugh!!