Underwater Maternity Portraits | 39 Weeks

Underwater Maternity Portraits | 39 Weeks

Outer Banks


I am so thankful we took these, Candace has been talking about wanting to do underwater maternity photos but we never were free at the same time with access to a pool!  We made a date for Saturday morning at 7am and it worked!  Peaches Dupree arrived 3 days later.

After modeling for her, I now know what we ask our clients to do! Going underwater, looking natural, not blowing too many bubbles, trying to smile and keep your eyes open and stay close to the top of the water is NOT easy!!  I felt like I looked like a drowning rat in all the images, but Candace, as always worked her magic and I love the images she created!

Many thanks to Christen for letting us use her pool!

underwater maternity portraits

underwater maternity portraitsunderwater maternity portraits