Wedding Proposal | Sanderling Resort

Wedding Proposal | Sanderling Resort

Surprise Proposal at Kimball's Kitchen, Duck

We've been talking to Shannon for a while on his surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Mary Kay.  They were planning a trip to the Outer banks and he set up a fancy dinner at Kimball's Kitchen at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC.

Shannon had everything planned out, he dined in a nice button up and khaki's, then excused himself towards the end of their meal to go and change into a Armani suit!  He then escorted Mary out to the Gazebo and proposed!

I was to stay hidden in restaurant and snap as secretly as I could, then follow the couple as they made their way outside.  Still incognito, shooting through the Pavilion door until he was on one knee.

Whew!  I was nervous I'd blow the whole thing!  I'm sure everyone who noticed me in the restaurant thought I was some kind of private eye, or weirdo.


Wedding Proposal Wedding Proposal Shannon even thought of treating Mary to a manicure earlier this week!  That way her nails would be gorgeous when she showed off that stunning ring! Wedding Proposal

Thanks for having me and congrats Shannon and Mary Kay!